SODIUM-24, LLC is focused on research and development in a variety of areas, including the following:


In addition to developing AI applied to the problems of RF spectrum sharing and autonomous subterranean robotics, SODIUM-24, LLC is working on developing new AI/ML techniques which could be applied to many other applications.


Team SODIUM-24 Robotics is competing in the DARPA SubT Challenge virtual track, developing techniques for distributed robotic exploration and mapping which will work in a GPS-denied and communication-impaired environment. Additionally, SODIUM-24 LLC is working on developing technology for real-world robots.


SODIUM-24, LLC is actively building technology to solve problems for a variety of applications. An electronics lab is maintained with equipment for circuit design, simulation, layout, and assembly/debugging of printed circuit boards.


A solution was developed by Team SODIUM-24 for the problem of intelligent RF spectrum sharing for the DARPA SC2 competition. SODIUM-24, LLC intends to build on this solution as an area of future research and development, and maintains a small RF lab setup with Ettus X310 USRP SDR's, Dell R730 servers, Spirent SR5500 channel emulators, and an R&S FPC1000 spectrum analyzer.


Cybersecurity is an area of active research for SODIUM-24, LLC. In particular, the development of new AI-based techniques for finding vulnerabilities is an area of interest.

Malcolm is a member of the Synack Red Team as a freelance security researcher.

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